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Watch Online 3G A Killer Connection 2013

Free Watch 3G - A Killer Connection (2013)

Watch 3G - A Killer Connection (2013)
  • MOVIE page: 3G - A Killer Connection (2013)
  • Rate: 3.4/10 total 550 votes 
  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Filming Location: Fiji Islands, Fiji
  • Stars: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan, Himani Chauhan | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Amar Mohile (background music) Mithun Sharma   
  • Plot Keyword: Fiji | Ghost | Murder | Cell Phone | Vacation
Writing Credits By:
    (in alphabetical order)
  • Sheershak Anand  story and screenplay
  • Shantanu Ray Chhibber  story and screenplay
  • Sumit Saxena  dialogue

3G - Official Theatrical Trailer (Exclusive) 3G -- A Killer Connection (2013) HD Full Movie | Neil Nitin Mukesh & Sonal Chauhan Kaise Bataaoon Tujhe - 3G KK|Sonal Chauhan 2013 + Lyrics Best New Movie Trailers - April 2013 HD First Look Of Movie ' 3G   A Killer Connection ' 

Plot: Sam purchase's a second hand cellphone and starts getting mysterious calls. |  »

Story: Sam purchase's a second hand cellphone and starts getting mysterious calls.

Produced By:

  • Sunil Lulla known as producer
  • Sanjay Mehta known as executive producer
  • Mehjabeen Raja known as line producer
  • Vikram Rajani known as producer

FullCast & Crew:
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh known as Sam
  • Sonal Chauhan known as Sheena
  • Himani Chauhan
  • Asheesh Kapur known as Mong Hayward
  • Amol Lal known as Professor
  • Vishaarad Sharan known as Jaden
  • Mrinalini Sharma known as Chaima / Jasmine
  • Konrad Thorpe

Production Companies:

  • Eros Entertainment
  • Next Gen Films

3G - A Killer Connection (2013) Review by Alekhya Das from Kolkata, India

3G - A Killer Connection (1.5/5)

'3G' is a failed connection! Embellished with cheap thrills, thisdoltish paranormal thriller is poorly crafted and over-indulgently yrepetitive, making these two hours seem like four. Despite the dumbscreenplay, it's intriguing, but only for a very brief duration,struggling thereafter with its inexplicable imagination. The storyfollows Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh), who buys a second hand 3G cell phonewhile holidaying in Fiji with his girlfriend Sheena (Sonal Chauhan),and receives mysterious calls from a woman. There should never be anybounds to your imagination when you display your art. But the skilllies in convincing your audience with it. This is where the debutantdirector-duo Shantanu-Sheers hack fail miserably. They enter thoserealms of paranormal, which they just can't depict with conviction.There's this phone that rings anytime (not just at night, but evenduring the bright daylight) with a video call from an unknown number,which has a lady speaking with on the other side, followed by somedisturbing visuals of her being killed. This starts off as frighteningvideo calls to Sam, moves on to her sudden appearance to him anywhere,and proceeds to a point where on receiving her calls, Sam is possessed.All this happens incoherently, and never do the makers feel the need toexplain even the slightest bit of what and how. The protagonist keepsgetting rid of the phone (by throwing in the sea, breaking it intopieces, etc.), but every time ends up with the same phone in his handin a short while. It's for these terribly stupid scenes that you nevertake the film seriously. Eventually when they intend to disclose thesecret behind it all, it's incomplete and absolutely unconvincing. Tomake things worse, a new social issue is introduced at the very end,perhaps with an intention to leave you with a sincere thought, whileall it does is make you grouch even more. Technically too, the film isa mess. Scenes end abruptly and there are scenes that pop up for norhyme or reason. The locales are pretty but the way they are capturedshows a lack of skill. Music is average. Frames and background scoreare designed for inducing fake fear by creating sharp sudden movementsand noises. Performances are really nothing to talk about in this crassdrama. They range from abominable to outright foolish. It's that kindof cinema, where even if someone tries to put up a genuine act, it'shard to really appreciate the effort. All-in-all, 3G is unrefined andinsensible in all respects, and even if it excites at times, it justdoesn't satisfy. Avoidable!

3G - A Killer Connection (2013) Review by Tejas Nair from Economic Capital Of India
The screenplay obliterated the story. Maybe it can be dubbed as theworst screenplay of 2013 in Bollywood with a maddening plot thatrevolves around an unmarried couple who get into serious trouble afterbuying a second-hand smart-phone. Almost every sequence feels like theyhave been cut-short.

While Neil has portrayed his role in a very efficient way even thoughhis character is ambiguous, Sonali is an object here with a parade ofcleavages and skimpily-clad underthings with not much to act; acatalyst maybe. The music sucked big time with no respect to the vividgenre this story necessitates. One with a good message, the story of 3Gis very confusing & poorly executed with shaky cinematography, amateurdirection & even worse editing.

With every other person in Fiji Islands speaking Hindi, flashes ofhorrid faces here and there, sex, nudity, porn, foreplay,relationships, paranoia, schizophrenia, poor makeup, gruesome attitudeand the rather clichéd and unorthodox idea of 'witchcraft' &black-magic instilled into technology, 3G is a disappointment. Plus,the climax is shown twice, literally.

Characters are very poorly rendered and gaudiness is the prime topic ofthis movie with almost everything (which is wrong) left to the viewer'simagination. Not recommended!

BOTTOM LINE: A good message lies in this haphazardly executed movie.Watch it for the high performances and some reality bites in ajuxtaposition of poor film-making attributes & parameters.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Language: Strong | Sex: Critical | Foreplay & Mouth-Kiss: Critical |Porn: Strong | Violence: Very Strong | Gore: Very Critical | Smoking:Mediocre | Alcohol: Mediocre | Drugs: No

3G - A Killer Connection (2013) Review by ketgup83 from India
3G -A killer connection was a good attempt at horror with sci-fi ideabut was brutually slained by loose script and poor direction.

A young man's life changes overnight when he buys a new cellphone andreceives a call from an unknown number.

After watching the trailer of 3G , you will feel urge to watch themovie but you would be solemnly disappointed by weak direction. Themain problem with 3G is the indulgence of unnecessary songs whichspoils the mood of the film and over-the-top acting by Sonal Chauhan.The movie itself does not run in one sequence as if there are multiplestories running parrallalaly. Screenplay is full of loop-holes. Editingis pathetic. Dialogues are senseless. Music is way to low. It is thecinematography and art direction which makes the film beautiful. SonalChauhan is wooden. It is Neil Nitin Mukesh who is the only silverlining in the movie. The talented actor emotes very well and carriesoff different personality with ease.

Overall , bad direction and loose screenplay spoils the film whichotherwise could have been a great watch. Below average 1.5 /5

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