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Watch in HD Unicorn City 2013

Watch in HD Unicorn City (2013)

Watch Unicorn City (2013)
  • MOVIE page: Unicorn City (2013)
  • Rate: 5.6/10 total 565 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Filming Location: Alpine, Utah, USA
  • Director: Bryan Lefler
  • Stars: Jon Gries, Matt Mattson, Clint Vanderlinden | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Emily Hope Price   
  • Plot Keyword: Dungeons And Dragons | Larping | Live Action Role Playing
Writing Credits By:
    (in alphabetical order)
  • Cameron Dayton  story
  • Adrian Lefler  written by
  • Bryan Lefler  written by

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Plot: Voss entices local gamers to create a Utopian society in an attempt to impress a potential employer, but paradise is disrupted when his nemesis lays claim to the city and Voss's true love. Full summary » |  »

Story: Voss is a gamer who is unemployed and looking for work. When a management position opens up at a gaming company, he interviews but lacks evidence of leadership abilities necessary to land the job. Given a week to prove himself, Voss does the only thing rational adult would do; create a Utopian society for gamers. Voss convinces his gaming guild to follow him into the mountains and has Marsha, his best friend, document his abilities. However things get complicated when Shadow Hawk, his gaming nemesis, arrives to over throw Voss' kingdom. Written byAdrian Lefler

Produced By:

  • Ken Bretschneider known as executive producer
  • Tess Kelly known as line producer
  • Adrian Lefler known as producer
  • Thomas Lefler known as executive producer
  • Courtney Russell known as producer

FullCast & Crew:
  • Jon Gries known as Shadowhawk
  • Matt Mattson known as Clancy
  • Clint Vanderlinden known as Rhubarb
  • Steve Berg known as Pat
  • Missy Hill known as Angie
  • Niklaas Duncan known as Moonstrider
  • Devin McGinn known as Voss
  • Jaclyn Hales known as Marsha
  • R.J. Baker known as Hastur's Gary
  • Ken Brown known as Gary's Brother
  • James Jamison known as Judge
  • Colleen Baum known as Officer Cooley
  • Tom Markus known as Officer Hamwater
  • Kevin Weisman known as Jeff
  • Paul Mulder known as WOTB Interviewer
  • Alesandra Durham known as Juliet / Newscaster (as Ali Durham)
  • William Rubio known as Romeo / Camera Guy
  • Alton Barnhart known as Gardosh
  • Emily Burnworth known as Tearsumina
  • Eric Dunton known as Knight
  • Dashiell Wolf known as Quargooz
  • Robbie Bagley known as Clodnar
  • Jason Tatum known as Orc #1
  • Davis Johnson known as Orc #2
  • Ty Munson known as Orc #2
  • Elizabeth Lefler known as Elderly Jogger #1
  • Margaret Smith known as Elderly Jogger #2
  • Dan Larrinaga known as Officer Herm
  • Seth Dahle known as Soldier #1
  • Brandon Habermeyer known as Soldier #2
  • Rachel Suzanne Baird known as Live Action Role Player
  • Jacob Boettcher known as Live Action Role Player
  • Weston Buswell known as Live Action Role Player
  • Adam Christian Colvin known as Live Action Role Player
  • Brandyn Cross known as Live Action Role Player
  • Bryce Hess known as Live Action Role Player
  • Sean D. Hunter known as Live Action Role Player
  • Tony Knight known as Live Action Role Player
  • Seanna Ladd known as Live Action Role Player
  • James C. Morris known as Live Action Role Player
  • Kjirstin Youngberg known as Live Action Role Player
  • Jessica Emilie Zarnofsky known as Live Action Role Player

Production Companies:

  • DeepStudios
  • Salt Lake Film Productions

MPAA: Rated PG for language

Unicorn City (2013) Review by detz_all_folks from United States
First off, this is a movie focusing on Voss, an unemployed tabletopgamer who has anger issues and a difficulty separating his real lifefrom his gaming life. He is flanked by younger brother Clancy and goodfriend Marsha, both who are members of his guild. Requiring money tohelp pay his share of the rent to his older brother Seth, he interviewsfor a gaming director's job only to find that he needs to prove hisleadership skills in order to stand out. This is his catalyst forcreating a gamers utopia out in the countryside for him and his fellowgaming friends. At first life is great in this fantasy world he hascreated. Then his arch-nemesis ShadowHawk, shows up to tempt thecitizens of Unicorn City and cause havoc in Voss's life. Voss must cometo terms with his life and determine what is important and what ismerely fantasy.

I know I sat down to watch this movie with some reservations. I hadpreconceived notions it might seem too removed for a non-gamer to fullyappreciate most of the movie. I was also worried that there would be alot of "fantasy" scenes to deviate from what was the true meat of thestory. I was extremely surprised to find at the movie that this isquite possible the most I have laughed at a movie so far this year.Sure the gaming aspect was a catalyst for most of the actions and jokesbut the real punchlines were everyday frustrations. This is what makesit possible for everyone to find a way to relate to the characters.Also you can really sense the love that they have towards their gaminglife. Everyone needs something to escape from their daily lives andthis is what they are passionate about.

Some thing else that I loved about the movie is, that even though itwas an indie film, it didn't feel like one. The production value wasdefinitely very high, and this goes back to my worry that there wouldbe too many "fantasy" scenes which can easily eat up budget. The actingwas very strong in the lead roles with a few of the supporting rolesneeding a little bit of work. There was definitely a sense of chemistryamong the cast that seemed to fill in the cracks where there was a bitof light acting. Many indie's are also plagued by poor sound and anatrocious score. While the sound was nothing per se special, it wasstill strong and the score was excellent at some points and notaffronting during the rest of the movie.

Basically the production team most certainly put their time and moneyin all the right spots. They focused on story first, and thenfundamentals. More movies today need to follow their lead, and learnthat in the long run I am going to appreciate this movie more because Idon't need a expensive movie setup to get the full experience. I justneed to sit back, relax and enjoy. I encourage you to do the same andtry help bring it to your city. Click here—–>Unicorn City, to go totheir Facebook page where I hope you will like their page and click thewidget on the left requesting it to a local theater. Help us spread theword about this wonderful piece of art and share it with as many peopleas possible. When they ask what it is like, respond that it's RoleModels meets Napoleon Dynamite, with a dash of the Community for spice.

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Unicorn City (2013) Review by jdmalachi
The laughs build slowly in Unicorn City, a film that centers around avery small nitch of nerdy tabletop gamers who attempt to create agaming utopia up in the mountains.

Usually the biggest flaw with contemporary comedy films is that theyput all the laughs at the beginning and leave the third act with emptyplot. Not so with Unicorn City, where the laughs slowly build as peoplefigure out exactly what kind of a movie they're watching.

The obvious similarity to Napoleon Dynamite here lies in its dialog;sometimes funnier on the page and quoted by fans, than in the film.There could have been more laughs here had the soundtrack not become soinvasive. The quieter the scenes are the easier it would be for theaudience to pay attention to the nerd-banter. As Napoleon Dynamiteproves, less is WAY more.

The majority of the laughs in this comedy come from situational andvisual humor. Two scenes in particular; the pipe-sword coming out ofthe ground and the centaur arriving to the gamer utopia for the firsttime, show a unique humor that gives Unicorn City its strength.

There is some incredible acting from local talent in this piece,particularly Jaclyn Hales performance as the awkward love-interest. Sheis able to play such a laughable role with such honesty; there is nowinking at the camera here.

The quality of the films visuals were also a big plus. Thecinematography seemed more Hollywood than independent as BrandonChristensen shows us his full skills as DP. Only once or twice was thelighting obvious, which for a local Utah film is quite impressive.

However, this film is far from perfect; the plot was too predictableand too contrived to be believed (that job interview, please.), somecharacters lacked development, and overall, for a film about tabletopgamers, it was too clean ("Oh my gosh!" "Bull Crap!"--Come on, we allknow what the dialog between real gamers are like).

But then again, it is a fantasy, and in this fantasy maybe our world iscleaner than it really is. The film is as detached to real life as thegamer characters are, so maybe., just maybe, that's the point.

Overall highly entertaining and fun for the whole nerdy family.

Unicorn City (2013) Review by jpbell52 from United States
This is one FUNNY movie! Whether you're a 20-something gamer or a60-something old coot who's never played a game newer than Monopoly,you you HAVE to see this movie! I'll admit I'm in the latter category,and I'll admit I went to see the movie because someone twisted my arm.And I'll admit that when I realized this was a movie about gaming, Iwondered if I would make it till then end. But withinseconds--literally seconds--I was laughing out loud and knew I was infor the duration. And I probably didn't get half the jokes. Amazingwriting, cinematography, and production values, which belie the film's"indy" budget. Go see it. Gamer or non-gamer, you'll be glad you did!

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